Welcome to Vinylcraft!

We are a community, player-versus-enemy (PVE) survival server.

To keep the server from getting too bogged down, we’re going to attempt a few methods of keeping our
constructs and such server-friendly, and keeping the surface of the world relatively nice to look at.
Running MC 1.10.2, and a link to the compressed mods and config files are in the same directory as these
rules, zipped. We also use Discord, primarily when in game. A link to our Discord group is here:
https://discord.gg/crdyZSM This server is whitelist protected, contact Baphnedia about being added to the whitelist.


Treat one another nicely. Know what materials/areas are for community use, and what is private.
The first base will be built around the server spawn point, near 0,0.

Community Building

Server Configuration

If you are idle for more than 30 minutes, the server will kick you off (until you log back in again). Survivor Difficulty: Hard. View Distance is set to 6 chunks; to give the server a breather! Lifetime of this server should be more than one year! It is based on interest, and other things. This time around, most modders have moved away from 1.10.2, and this gives us a relative amount of stability.

In Game

Public Ender Storage Colors:

Ender Chests White/White/White: Item sharing between players Blue/Blue/Blue: AE system input Red/Red/Red: AE system filtered output Grey/Grey/Grey: Cobblestone supply Ender Tanks Blue/Blue/Blue: Water Red/Red/Red: Lava Black/Black/Black: Oil?